TGS Tech Tip – Close-the-Store

TGS Tech Tip – Close-the-Store Many of you already know how to “close-the-store” each day. However, a surprising number of TGS users neglect to do it. So, here is a short YouTube video outlining the procedures for closing the store each day in the General Store. After watching the video, you will find that closing…

TGS Tech Tip – Open-the-Store

TGS Tech Tip – Open-the-Store Intended for New Users and Experienced Users Alike To properly open-the-store, first open the General Store back office. Then open the point of sale module on each register workstation. It’s that simple! Here is a short YouTube video demonstrates the correct daily opening procedures in the General Store.

Tech Tip: The Dreaded 161 Error

Tech Tip: The Dreaded 161 Error Simply Apply your Actian or Pervasive License Key Your Actian/Pervasive database software was shipped with at least one license key, called the base license key. The license key sticker is typically affixed to the DVD case that your software was shipped in.  You can only run 30 days without a license key,…

Should You Upgrade To Windows 10?

Should You Upgrade To Windows 10? Legacy hardware installed? Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10 Yet! To upgrade to Windows 10 or not to upgrade to Windows 10? That is the question. Although the General Store runs perfectly fine under the Windows 10 operating environment, if you currently have older, legacy POS hardware installed on your…

New Item Entry

New Item Entry New item entry has been greatly enhanced in the General Store with it’s Flash Create pop-up. New Item Entry Video This quick how-to video will show you how to quickly add a new item in inventory in The General Store. Need More Help? General Store Online Knowledgebase, TGS Support