Go Beyond Static Reporting and Harness the Real Power of Data with Power BI

Don’t waste another moment hindering your business by making decisions unsubstantiated by data. In today’s technology-driven world, collecting and utilizing data analytics is essential and easier than ever. By integrating Microsoft Power BI to your existing point of sale (POS) system from The General Store, you add a whole new level of reporting and analytics functionality.

Analytics technology has evolved to make analyzing data more straightforward than ever before. Easily navigate, filter, sort, and visualize data with a powerful program to optimize your data reporting and gain priceless insights into customer behavior, inventory management, and promotion success rates. Leverage this powerful data to make informed decisions that increase your ROI.

Ready to Enhance Your Data Analytics?

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Gain Powerful Customer Insights

With a Power BI integration, you can get a broader, more comprehensive insight into customers’ preferences. For example, Power BI features allow you to gain valuable insights into purchasing patterns to make better inventory predictions. Pinpoint the exact information you want with the hundreds of data connectors, enabling you to view and analyze data at your desired speed and scale.


Create & Share Data with the Cloud

Discover the power of sharing with Cloud capabilities. With Power BI, accessing data from The General Store on-premise POS systems has never been more accessible. Also, its design enables employees to quickly create and deliver thorough and cohesive customer reports across all of your business channels. Create a collaborative work environment providing employees with the ability to generate actionable insights in real-time with easy-to-use tools and applications—regardless of location— from the back office or on the sales floor.


Use Data to Become an Authority in Inventory Management

Eliminate stock and inventory dilemmas by utilizing your historical data to employ predictive analytics and reduce unforeseen challenges. Monitor and predict changing customer demands at the global and regional scale. The General Store and Power BI’s integrations enable predictive inventory management with machine learning, AI, and visualization capabilities that will keep inventory manageable and give you a competitive advantage.


  • Powered by Microsoft
  • Global store analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Business intelligence reporting for apparel
  • Secure data with Azure
  • Hundreds of data connectors
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Quick report generator
  • A myriad of drill down options