Seamless Payment Integrations

The General Store’s payment solutions seamlessly integrate with our point of sale software, so you can easily accept payments in your retail location, online, or via mobile applications. We partner with payment processing providers that offer the robust features and functionality to fit your needs, including:

Datacap NETePay

The Datacap NETePay integration is a processor agnostic solution that supports all major processors, ISOs, and merchant services providers. This solutions allows retailers to select a payment integration system that best fits their needs to safely and securely process payments from your General Store point of sale system.

The intuitive solution streamlines transactions—simply select the NETePay button on the tender screen and the terminal will do the rest. Retailers also have the option to remove the “amount ok” prompt on the device, eliminating an excess step.

Installation and setup are easy. The General Store offers a total turnkey solution including hardware bundles that are ready-to-use. The General Store has tested and added Ingenico Lane/3000 and Ingenico Lane 5000 smart terminals, to support EMV payments. Lastly, your security is our focus. Our partners are security-centric, with features to keep sensitive business data protected and out of PCI scope while also maintaining compliance.

Ingencio Lane 5000


Accept Any Payment, Any Processor, Anywhere

Choose Your Processor

The General Store partners with major processors, including:

  • Worldpay from FIS, a direct partnership through the Datacap NET ePay hosted integration eliminating installation costs and software overhead costs.
  • OpenEdge and Cayan, now Global Payments Integrated
  • BlockChyp

Unified Payment Processing

Our payment integrations allow you to accept multiple forms of payment including credit and debit cards, cash, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct transfer in a secure and straightforward format right at your point of sale system.

Our payment processing solutions can be fully integrated with any General Store POS system and software. We offer EMV payment terminal support, and PCI-DSS compliant processing, so your company data is secure and protected from fraudulent transactions.

Streamlined Transactions

The General Store provides simple payment solutions that streamline the transaction process. For example, quickly and efficiently manage payments right from your point of sale software. Make better forecasting and sales decisions with access to automatically recorded transaction data with built-in comprehensive reporting and analytics. Efficiently settle batches at the close of business and speed up payment collection—allowing you to get paid faster.