Easy Enterprise Management

Managing multiple store locations can be challenging. With every store having its ebb and flow for operations, consistent management requires a POS and back-office multi-store solution designed to streamline processes and link remote locations under one system. Manage your entire chain of stores with a multi-store software component that can manage up to 99 stores at once.

We can incorporate our multi-store software into any General Store software system. The software simply needs to be installed at each remote location and corporate headquarters. Once installed, retail managers can simplify management tasks across the entire enterprise. Our system communicates using file transfer protocol (FTP) to access analytics and data from each satellite location.

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Customer and Loyalty Management

Manage customers at any location, centrally or autonomously. For example, when you register a new customer, their information is sent to every store regardless of the chain location. In addition, control loyalty rewards and gift card balances seamlessly across all locations, using our cloud-based system—allowing customers to shop at any site.

Intuitive Inventory Management

Our multi-store software makes managing pricing easy, allowing for uniform pricing across all locations or altering pricing based on demographic and geographic segments. Improve inventory management and avoid data errors or duplicate entries when store data is collected and houses in one central management system connected to your POS system. Run the inventory feature to manage stock levels available at each store at the end of each day, and make better decisions on what to stock based on cumulative data. Our system also allows you to create and manage inter-store transfers across chain locations.

Detailed Analytics and Forecasting

Multi-store software allows you to collect data from all your locations or focus on regions or segments of your business for better forecasting. Utilize detailed data analytics to access sales reports, item velocity, and movement reports. Settle assessments for a single store, group/region of stores, or the entire fleet of locations. Also, you can complete forecasting by running financial statements at the host location for all stores or specific areas, with as much detail or as little information as you need.

The TGS Analytics program is free of charge with our solution, and it provides visibility into store-to-store comparison reports. In addition, you can gain more insight into general ledger account balances and journal entry vouchers organized by each store.

Employee Maintenance, Timeclock Management, and Productivity Reporting

Our multi-store system also helps maintain employee data. View all your employees’ data from multiple sites without leaving the corporate office/host location. Use our system to review and quickly generate employee productivity reports, timeclock reports, and maintenance from one central system.